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75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo
For many years bingo has been one of the best loved games in the UK, and is enjoying increasing popularity in the US, Canada, Japan and Australia. Along with the advent of online bingo games, the popularity of the game as a whole has increased dramatically over recent years.

The 75-ball version of bingo is the variant most enjoyed by players in the States and in Canada, but is becoming more popular in the UK as well, most likely because celebrity bingo players and because online bingo games now offer players the choice of what kind of game they would like to play.

How 75-Ball Bingo Works

The rules of 75-ball bingo are much the same as any game of bingo you will have already played. Each player gets a card, and with 75-ball bingo, each card has 25 squares on it; five vertical, five horizontal.

As it goes in bingo, after each number is called out, the player marks off (or “daubs”) that number. Online Bingo is slightly different in that many online bingo clients offer an auto-daub service, which marks off numbers on your card automatically.

You can either play a ‘clear-all’ type of game, where the winner is the first person to daub every number on their sheet; or you can play a pattern game.
The pattern-based game works by each card having a specific pattern on it, usually themed in line with a certain game or promotion. The winner of this kind of game is the one who is the first to mark off all the blocks making up this pattern.  

The pattern version of the game is what keeps many players excited about bingo, as it allows each game to be fresh and unique.

The way you play online bingo games is mostly the same as playing it in land-based bingo halls. You wait for your entire sheet (or pattern) to get called out from the random-ball generator, and then once it is complete, shout BINGO!

The difference between playing online bingo games and playing it in a bingo hall is that online you are free to chat to other players. Another benefit is being able to take your mind off daubing off each number as it is called, as most websites these days have an auto-daub function.

Try out an online bingo game today and play a game of 75-ball bingo and see how quick and easy it is to have a good time!

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