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90 Ball Bingo

As the name suggest, this version of online bingo is played with 90 balls.

It is known that 90 ball bingo is traditionally played in bingo halls in the United Kingdom and Australia and that many online bingo rooms started to give their players the chance to enjoy this variation of the game.

The rules of 90 ball bingo are not very difficult to understand, and there aren't many differences between this variation and the other most popular variation 75 ball bingo.

Since 90 ball bingo is mostly a game that is played in the UK, the playing cards are usually known as tickets. Like other versions of this game, the tickets have nine columns and three rows.

There are nine squares in each row but only five of them are numbered, the other four squares are left blank. The numbers range from 1 to 90 and when the game starts every number from 1 to 90 is being called so a number is daubed at each call of the game.

The object of the 90 ball bingo game, like in other versions of online bingo is to complete the winning patterns. This variation has three possible winning patterns (three possible chances to win). Each one of the winning patterns has a specific prize associated with it.

The winning patterns include:

  • Single Line- The first player to correctly cross off any horizontal line wins this pattern.
  • Two Lines- The first player to cross off any two different horizontal lines wins this pattern.
  • Full House- The first player to cross off all the three lines in the ticket wins the full house pattern.

As soon as the first player wins (one of the players cross off a single line) he receives the corresponding prize and the game continues until the second prize is won.

The 90 ball bingo game continues until one of the players wins the full house and receives the biggest prize of the game.


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